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Friona, The Biggest Small Town in Texas!

Friona - Cheeseburger Capital of the Texas


 Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, wide open spaces and gorgeous pastureland. Ranching, cultivated farms and irrigation have made Friona a nationwide leader in agriculture production. Modern farming technology and state of the art dairy operations are making Friona a leader in milk production as well.  A warm, friendly and embracing community, Friona invites all agriculture, dairy and related services industries to stop by Friona for a visit to see it all for yourself. Whatever your business is... we'll be glad to talk to you about relocating.




Friona Texas
Stop by and visit!
We invite you to stop by Friona not just for the night, week or season but for a lifetime in a community with strong family values and local merchants that care about you and your family. To demonstrate the areas committment to a high quality of life, a new hospital facility will soon replace the current hospital that has been such an integral part of everyday life in the community.

Friona is not just a town... it's a home and it's a safe harbor from today's spiraling crime rates and violence. You will find smart, hard working people and an energetic workforce that understands the obligations of employment.  The same pioneering spirit that settled this area still abounds in the thousands of area residents that look out for each other.

You'll find professional services available in the area including (to just name a few) Veterinary, Equipment, Dairy Services and many dedicated business owners and professionals that strive to give you the best service possible.

In this website you will find information about the area, the town, the people and more importantly... the lifestyle that is Friona and the Texas Panhandle. We offer excellent schools and friendly churchs that welcome one and all with open arms.  Got questions? Use our handy contact form for more info.

Sound too good to be true?  Don't take our word for it. Visit Friona and see for yourself!



Want a quick view of Friona? Click here to view our "My Hometown!" web video.



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