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The Friona area leads the nation in agriculture production.  Farming and feedyards for beef cattle are core industries with other agriculture related ventures supporting these businesses.  Within a 50 mile radius of Friona , there are more cattle on feed than in any other location in the world.

The meat packing plant in Friona has been in operation for 34 years and is one of the largest plants in this industry. The abundance of feedyards in the area which supply beef to the plant has contributed to several large expansions of this plant through the years. Other businesses closely aligned with the cattle industry include a cold storage company, feed manufacturing, and animal health supplies.

Weather conditions and good underground water contributed to the development of the Friona area as a prime location for farming.  Irrigation has changed through the years from labor intensive ditch irrigation to the more automated circle units with sprinklers.  In the past several years, various conditions have brought about a return to more dry land farming and production of more crops to support the cattle industry.  Businesses most closely related to farming include grain storage facilities, farm equipment companies, and trucking companies.  expansion in this area includes a 110 car shuttle train which will enhance the shipment of grain in this area.

The Dairy Industry has just begun to grow in the Friona area.  Several dairies are in operation which  provide more markets for products, the dairies also provide employment for citizens of Friona and Parmer County.

Although many of the larger industries in and around Friona are tied to agriculture, the diversity provided by these businesses provides a climate for enterpreneurs who are interested in the benefits of living in a small community and doing business with neighbors.


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